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Health Safety and Environmental Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, DIC Australia and New Zealand recognize that care for the environment, safety and health (ESH) is fundamental to the management of the Companies. DICANZ is committed to the concept of sustainable development and contributes to society by creating environmentally sound products and technology.


  1. We establish ESH-related objectives and targets and pursue continual progress.
  2. We comply with laws, regulations and agreements relevant to ESH.
  3. We consider the ESH implications of each of our products throughout their life cycles in accordance with the ideals of Responsible Care.
  4. We instill in our employees a thorough understanding of this fundamental Principle and Policy.
  5. We organize our operations so as to promote the safeguarding of the environment, safety and health and conduct audits to monitor progress throughout the Companies.
  6. We ensure that, by providing information, training and supervision, operations are conducted safely and materials are handled properly. We try to prevent environmental pollution and avoid affecting the environment negatively by recycling waste, conserving energy and other resources and using materials that are environmentally friendly.
  7. We place the utmost importance on ESH-related considerations at all stages of the new product planning and production process.
  8. We promote safety by providing customers with detailed instructions on the proper use and handling of all products.
  9. We provide the public and appropriate authorities with information about our products and business activities so that they may have an accurate understanding of our efforts to promote health, safety and environmental protection.

The above Principle and Policy shall be available to all employees and to the general public.

Richard Kemp,
Chief Operating Officer
January 2019

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