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About Us

Few companies products are as visible everyday as those of DIC. Our core business is the manufacture and sale of printing inks and coatings, applied to form the printed word and to decorate and protect packaging.

Our present day company in Australia and New Zealand has several different parental origins.

The main graphics products part of the company comes originally from the English company Coates Brothers, formed in the UK in 1877.  In the late 80’s, this company, by now public, merged with the French company Lorilleux also started in the late 1800’s, and was purchased by the French oil company Total.  In 2000 Total sold this business to Sun Chemical, a 100% owned subsidiary of DIC, the largest ink company in the world.  Coates New Zealand was founded in 1948, and Coates Australia in 1949, and the names were changed from Coates to DIC Graphics in 2004.

In Australasia DIC already owned two other companies – DIC Colortron, a sheetfed – specific ink company started in 1984 (and purchased by DIC in 1999), and DIC International – a trading company that operated in NZ and Australia and primarily sells DIC and non- DIC products into the coatings industry.

On the 1st January 2007 all DIC subsidiaries in Australasia have been brought together as DIC Australia Pty Limited and DIC New Zealand Limited, operated as one company with headquarters in Sydney.

The headquarters and main factory of DIC Australia / New Zealand is situated in Sydney. Printing ink and other surface coatings for the full range of printing and packaging applications are supplied through a network of service factories in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 

In addition to its ink products, DIC Australia/New Zealand markets adhesives, Rycoline and Sun press chemicals, a range or world class printing blankets as well as Kodak printing plates. The trading division sells a wide range of chemicals and pigments into the coatings industry.

DIC Australia / New Zealand has an annual sales turnover in excess of AUD 150 Million, and employs approximately 210 people across both countries. Much of our success and reputation is due to the strength of our technological expertise and nearly 30% of our staff are employed in a technical capacity.

DIC Australia and New Zealand, being part of the largest ink group in the world, have a true global network covering market trends, product development and service related initiatives. We actively participate in intercompany knowledge transfer and industry associations to retain our industry position as a driver of technology.

DIC Australia / New Zealand is committed to being recognised by customers as the very best supplier. This means we will find out our customers’ needs today and for the future do all that is possible to satisfy these needs at the lowest cost and continually improve the value of our product. Every individual in the organization has a role to play in managing for quality.  Our products are strongly branded as DIC in line with our heritage.

The company is dedicated to the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors and in protecting the integrity of the surrounding environment. Health, safety and environmental policies and procedures are developed in consultation with the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Committee and are designed to ensure safe work practices which comply with legislation in both Australia and New Zealand Standards.

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