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Environment Position Statement - DIC ANZ

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility management policy DIC has declared its commitment to preserving the environment and guarding the safety and health of people. This is summarized in the policy statement and CSR policy adopted for the ANZ region.

Our group is committed to the principles and practices of the DIC Global management system, The DIC Way, in all of its everyday operations.

The regional DIC management team in ANZ recognizes that environmental issues continue to capture headlines and generate public interest. As a consequence a project team was established in 2007. As a responsible supplier to the graphic arts market, DIC would make the following commitments:

  1. Our R&D teams carefully assess the potential impact of any new product on the environment.
  2. We will not use or supply certain materials where adequate, independent data indicates there is an environmental hazard.
  3. We have a policy of working to continually minimize the effect of our operations. To this end we provide data to the relevant regulatory authorities and contribute to group reports.
  4. We will carefully assess the growing information sources and review the likely consequences of our actions based on the best available evidence.
  5. We will strive to ensure that any information we provide to customers or partners is based on relevant and sound scientific data.

In pursuit of these commitments DIC has ensured that all staff are aware of, and are working in accordance with, the policy. We are also able to draw on international competence and information to address specific questions that arise. In this way DIC Group, as a leader in our industry, will continue to contribute by supplying leading products that fit with our CSR policy and approach.


DIC CorporationDIC Corporation

Constantly aware of their responsibility to other stakeholders and the importance of maintaining harmony with the global environment, the DIC Group's employees are committed to contributing to the realization of sustainable development through their everyday activities. DIC contributes to this effort by striving continuously to help ensure the sustainability of society and the environment, thereby earning the trust of society and remaining an enterprise that is capable of growing and evolving.

Public Monitoring Information as per the POELA Act

Pollution Incident Responce Management Plan (Public Version)

Sun ChemicalSun Chemical 

As the world’s foremost producer of inks, pigments and colour technology, Sun Chemical will lead our industry in developing and producing products which minimize our impact – and our customers’ impact – on the environment, and strive to maximize the use of renewable resources.


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