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Coldset Products

DIC Australia has been producing world-class Coates brand News inks for the Australian, New Zealand and international marketplaces for more than sixty years.

Our modern manufacturing facility in Auburn, New South Wales, is designed to ensure our products are consistently excellent in both design and engineering. Our products are manufactured to ensure the highest quality and capability of handling the wide variety of papers it is destined to be utilized with.

A full Research & Development laboratory is located onsite at our Auburn manufacturing facility. This allows our coldset ink designers to work closely with manufacturing to ensure our ink maintains its world’s best standard for printing of newspapers, catalogues and directories. Tests that can be conducted in the DIC Australia laboratory include: contact angle analyses; water uptake; ink tack; print performance (gloss, scuff, resistance, etc.).

DIC Australia and New Zealand also adhere strongly to the principle that to obtain the best possible results on the finished product requires more than great product. Our ‘Partnership Programmes’ include having our technical staff work closely with you to resolve technical queries, undertake pressroom audits and assist with project planning.

For further information on our Coldset product range, MSDS’s for products, or for general details, please go to our Contact Us page of this Website.

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