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Pigment Suppliers

DIC CorporationSun Chemical 

Sun is a member of the DIC Group, the world’s largest producer of organic pigments with facilities in Japan, China, USA, Europe and India

 DIC CorporationDIC Coporation 

The DIC group is the world’s largest producer of organic pigments and includes facilities in Japan, China, USA, Europe and India.

Benda-LutzBenda Lutz Werke

Benda Lutz Werke is our metal pigment producer, manufacturing pastes and powders for coatings, construction and explosives industries.


Swada is our UK producer of fluorescent pigments for coatings, ink and plastics applications.


Synthesia, located in Europe, are producers of high quality organic pigments and dyes.

James M BrownJames M Brown 

JMB manufacture a broad range of metal based inorganic pigments at a number of global facilities.


Resin and Additive Suppliers

DIC CorporationDIC Group

Surface Coatings resins from Japan, Asia, and Europe along with additives for petrochemical and coatings industries. Suppliers of Coatings & Composite Resins


Coatings & Composite & Resins sourced from facilities in USA.

Siam Chemical IndustrySiam Chemical

Siam Chemical manufacture coatings resins in Thailand.


Zeochem manufacture the Purmol range of Molecular Sieves for the coatings and PU industries

 Bardyke Chemicals 

Manufacturers of Cuprous Oxide & Thiocyanate

 PQ CorporationPQ Silicas 

Suppliers of a range of Precipitated Silicas, Liquid & Solid Silicates & Zeolites for a range of applications

 ReatecReatec AG 

Suppliers of Temperature Indicators


DIC CorporationDIC Lifetech 

Suppliers of Spirulina, Stevia & Lina Blue 

 Blackburn ChemicalsBlackburn Chemicals 

World leaders in foam control

 Narmada ColoursNarmada Colour 

Suppliers of Synthetic Food Colours 

 ITC Natural FoodITC Natural Food 

Suppliers of Natural Food Colours



Suppliers of Textile dyes & colorants for detergents

 Narmada ColoursNarmada Colour 

Supplier of colorants for detergents 

 Rathi Dye Chem LtdRathi Dye Chem Ltd 

Manufacturer of an extensive range of dyes including solvent, acid, metal complex, direct, basic, disperse, reactive & mordant dyes for a wide range of industries.



Suppliers of resins & plastic pallets

PQ CorporationPQ Corporation 

Supplier of antiblocking silica products 


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